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06/11/18 (1) Revenues from cardroom(s) and/or casino(s) by fiscal year or on a monthly level. (2) If (1) ... Finance Angie Verdin
07/11/18 I would like electronic copies of the following records. 1) Resolutions declaring fiscal emergen... CIty Clerk Angie Verdin
06/22/18 Election results from 1990-present Angie Verdin
08/14/18 Good morning/afternoon,  Again, we are requesting a permit summary or copies of private and publ... Angie Verdin
10/01/18  I would like to request for copies of all building permits and outstanding violations regarding ... Planning ; Code Enforcement Angie Verdin
05/29/18 1. Copies of actual code enforcement notices of violation send by the jurisdiction to property ow... Finance; Code Enforcement Angie Verdin
08/03/18 I am looking for information in the date range April 2013-April 2018. I am looking for an extensi... Public Works; Planning Angie Verdin
09/19/18 Please email a list of new business licenses from July and August 2018. Excel workbook format is ... Angie Verdin
05/18/18 We are requesting any information from your departments pertaining to: 1000 Goodrich Boulevard, ... Planning Angie Verdin
06/05/18 Any records/permits involving construction activities that occurred on S. Tubeway Ave in early to... Public Works; Planning Angie Verdin
08/27/18 Hello, I am an employer in South Carolina and would like to request Public Records in your count... Angie Verdin
06/18/18 Address: 5200 Sheila St Commerce, CA 90040 Copy of the last Building Department inspection an... Planning ; Code Enforcement Angie Verdin
06/01/18 6233 Telegraph Road Commerce, CA 90040 I would like to request information about this property, ... Planning ; Finance; Business License Division Angie Verdin
08/23/18 I'd like to request copies of the following documents associated with the property located at 591... Planning ; Code Enforcement Angie Verdin
08/30/18 Hi, we are buying the building at the following address and it is currently escrow.  I would like... Planning ; Code Enforcement Angie Verdin
09/24/18 Dear Angie,  I'm looking for a list of New Businesses in City of Commerce for the month of Augus... Angie Verdin
08/06/18 Good afternoon,   I would like to request the report of all building permits, including solar a... CIty Clerk Angie Verdin
07/24/18 This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property located at the f... Planning ; Public Works Operations Angie Verdin
08/23/18 I'd like to request copies of the following documents associated with the property located at 578... Planning ; Code Enforcement Angie Verdin
08/13/18 Inspection and Maintenance records for Red Flex Camera & Signals at Slauson & Gage. For ... CIty Clerk Angie Verdin
08/06/18 In accordance with the California Public Records Act, we are requesting copies of any and all com... CIty Clerk; City Attorney Angie Verdin
09/28/18 I need information from Clinica de Españoles from the date they opened until they closed. 2188 S ... Angie Verdin
08/29/18 Video footage for Rosewood Park on April 4, 2018. Baseball diamond area, kids play area.  IT Angie Verdin
09/26/18 Dear City Clerk,  Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting an opp... City Attorney Angie Verdin
10/02/18 I am requesting the building permit report for all construction types from 01/02/2018 to 06/30/20... Planning Angie Verdin
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